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Honohono is a form of Māori spiritual healing and translates to 'Joining or Connecting' of your mind, body and spirit. The kaupapa (foundation/values) of Honohono is that it’s for everyone; Heal one, heal all. Although steeped in Māori tradition, it is an innate form of healing for the entire world and all those upon it. We welcome all those who wish to learn Honohono and use it to better themselves, their friends and whānau (Family) and even their lands.

Tihei Mauri ora.

The saying… “Tihei mauri ora” comes from when Hineahuone (the first woman) had life breathed into her. The “tihei” is like the sneeze when a child is born, the “mauri” is the force and the “ora” is the “life. “

Run regularly in Dunedin & Queenstown, as well 1-1 Private training or as by demand and appointment in other areas of Aotearoa.

Please be aware that there’s limited space with a maximum of 12 people at each workshop, so if you’re interested, please be quick.

Keep an eye out on our facebook page here or pre-register your interest for workshops near you.



This Modality will teach you a lot about yourself as well as understanding energy and how it works in our bodies. By learning these techniques you will become more confident in your abilities to heal yourself, family friends and animals.

This is a 2 day workshop (4 hours per day).
You will learn about:

  • Māori healing principles

  • Your personal essence and energy

  • How to shield and protect your energy

  • Locating issues within the body

  • Where and why people store emotional blockages in the body

  • How to harness energy

  • How use energy to heal areas of the body

  • Introduction to other healing tools and their purposes.

  • Chakra's, colours, tones

  • How to use what you have learnt practically.

Cost $350, this is a 2 day intensive 4 hours per day workshop.
Payment plans available
Limited number of 12 people due to content covered.
Shared lunch both days.



This follow up workshop delves deeper into the world of Honohono. You have learnt the basic techniques from the introduction workshop that have opened your mind, heart and body and now know you have a gift. Now the time to learn how to utilise this gift to the fullest and help people in need. This is a noho (an over night workshop).

On this Workshop you will learn;

  • How to extract stagnant blockages

  • How to relocate energy and blockages within and outside of a persons field

  • MiriMiri (Bodywork) Techniques

  • Romiromi (deep tissue Bodywork) Techniques

  • To heal via distance, work on people across the world with the same benefits of an in person treatment

  • Crystals and Kōhatu (stone) segment, learning how rocks and crystals can help

  • How to use your intuition before, during and after treatments

  • How to complete effective 1 hour treatments

  • How to fast track healing for a list of ailments including Migraines, RSI, Headaches, Sciatica, Anxiety, and depression

This is an overnight learning experience. Your Accommodation is included in the price. You are encouraged to stay overnight as some of the deepest learnings are founded in the evening.

This workshop is extremely exciting although intense it clears any self-doubt regarding personal ability and empowers each person to utilise these gifts with confidence.

Costs $600 per person. (Payment plans available).

2 day intensive overnight workshop (Noho).

Limited number of 12 people due to content covered.

Shared Kai (Food) both days.

This Workshop is only for those who have completed the Introduction Workshop

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After having several healing sessions with Dion I could not sing his praises any louder. He is a very spiritual person and understands how the mind, body and spirit all work in together. I have also attended Dions workshop and have come away with a greater understanding of how to look after my own body and spirituality but those closest to me. I highly recommend Dion for aches and pains of the body or spirit.

I recently attended Dion’s Honohono workshops to learn to become a practitioner. I highly recommend if you are wanting to expand or become more in tune with your intuition and healing and massage abilities.
— Mel H
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Completed the second course in Honohono healing last weekend and have brought back so much for myself and for sharing with others. Dion you are a great teacher and a great person. Met a lovely bunch of people too. Thanks for a great healing session. I feel my spiritual development has accelerated and I feel emotionally freer than I have in a long time.
— Sebastian P
I’ve been to Dions workshop and really enjoyed it, I would recommended it to anyone interested in healing.
— Joel G

Auckland Wānanga intake, For more information fill in the pre registration above to secure your spot.