What to expect at Healing Aotearoa



  1. An open mind and a will to be better than before is a great start.

    If you are booking in with us there’s usually a reason; be it physical, mental, spiritual or just a clean out. Whatever the reason, we work with your higher consciousness or spirit to evaluate what needs to leave your system in order for you to feel amazing and carry on walking your path to a happy, content and purposeful life.

  2. Having an idea about what you want to work on can be very helpful. People are often aware of what it is that may be holding them back. This could include cords of attachment to and from other people, places or situations; body aches and pains; overthinking, stress, anxiety or depression. We can help and support you in working with these issues and help you to remove any blockages to healing. This is true even if you don’t know some of the causes behind the blockages

  3. Drink plenty of water before and after your treatment. Water is essential for life and we ask that you are well hydrated in order to help the energy move out blockages freely.

  4. It’s best if you can plan for a rest period after your session - no-one wants to go to work after a big session clearing out emotional baggage! If you can have a couple of hours for yourself to reflect on your session or take a walk in nature, this will significantly help the healing process.

When you come in

After a brief chat (and maybe a form or two) about how we can help you the most, the practitioner will advise the following depending on Bodywork/Healing;

For Mirimiri or Romiromi, you will be asked to remove clothing (including your bra) down to underwear whilst the practitioner steps out to read through your notes and/or give you time to change. The removal of your bra and other clothing is due to the fact that the practitioner needs to access the whole back, legs and arms.

From here you will hop on the massage table, face up or down depending on where the practitioner needs to start. After accessing your ailments the practitioner will try to keep you covered apart from the area they are working on. Please inform us before or at the beginning of your session if you aren’t comfortable with this. You are also welcome to request a chaperone or bring a family member or friend with you.

Our practitioners work with the highest intent and respect of your Body, Mind and Spirit. We adhere to a strict code of conduct and confidentiality for you to feel safe and comfortable throughout your treatment.

For Healings you will remain clothed and be asked to lay on the table, face up or down depending on where the practitioner needs to start.


Every client is different, they have different issues that will be addressed in different ways. The common things to expect are;

  • Flickering of the eyelids; this is caused by your brain reaching REM state and releasing old files/memories or mind clutter than no longer serves you.

  • Tummy rumbles; your stomach may become quite vocal as it processes out emotional baggage that has been swirling around. In Māori healing the stomach is where we store emotions or energy in motion and when there is a build up your stomach can experience altered function and we can become overwhelmed by these emotions. The rumbling sound is the breakdown of these issues and dispersing of energy from this centre.

  • Throat gurgles, burps, coughs or sneezes, the clearing of your throat or even tears. Some of these are to do with unspoken words that have stockpiled in your neck or throat, or to do with old emotional baggage that is releasing. By shifting this energy it can help to clear up or at least bring attention to unsaid things and energy that have been stuck.

  • Visuals. Some people experience visuals however this is not always the case. These visuals are usually colours or memories and sometimes faces of loved ones as you sift through and release any unneeded memories or emotions.


Each person is given homework specific to their treatment. This can range from awakening the other side of their brain by boosting creative or logical productivity, speaking their truth more, forgiving someone who has caused you pain, or jumping in the ocean to help the release of old energy.

The homework is very important to enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment and for longevity of the results.

With massage, some may experience tenderness in the worked on areas for a couple of days. This is normal and when this subsides, the client will normally have a better range of motion and freedom in that area.

Healings can continue a few days after the treatment, especially if the client is actively using other tools such as yoga, breathing techniques or has a desire to completely clear-out their system.

Burping, farting, bowl movements (and diarrhoea) can also be apart of the releasing process.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your practitioner.


While this process can be a little hard to get your head around, the energy works in very much the same way - enabling the results to be just as effective as if they are there in person. The healer and client tune into each other, via photo, phone or Skype.

Once the connection has been made, the client lays down in a quiet, peaceful place for the duration of the session. The healer will locate energy blockages in you and remove these.

After this process, we have another conversation to explain what was released and how to move forward.

A card reading (oracle cards) is given at the end of the session to confirm the messages given regarding any issues that may have been encountered and ideas about a future direction.

Having an idea about what you want to work on can be very helpful. People are often aware of what it is that may be holding them back.
— Dion B Rangiuaia Freeman
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The homework is specific and personal to you and it’s important for your healing that you follow through - even (and especially) if it feels awkward, difficult, or you find you’re a little resistant to it - that’s often when it’s what you need to do the most.
— Dion B Rangiuaia Freeman
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