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Honohono traditional maori spiritual healing stone toki adze cutting attachment cords release stagnant energy

HONOHONO (māori spiritual healing)

Honohono is Māori for the Joining of one’s Body, Mind and Spirit. This process works on locating blockages within the body and extracting the core issues and then exchanging this energy with divine source energy. This is reported by our clients to be the most beneficial treatment we offer. This healing style will release old emotional baggage, fear or anxiety as well as relax you. If your’e feeling blocked this is a great treatment to get your energy flow going.

In a 2 hour Honohono treatment:

This version goes more in depth, extracting core issues and old programming. It helps to cut emotional and spiritual cords that have been attached and have been slowing you down. This option can also include massage, depending on what your body needs. A card reading at the end of this session helps to provide confirmation about the issues released and also gives guidance and direction for the client. A realignment mentally, physically and spiritually. Profound results are achieved through a full treatment on all levels, also helps with locating life purposes and defining one’s life mission.

  • Available in both Queenstown & Dunedin

  • Dion in Queenstown: 1 hr - $120 / 2 hrs - $220

  • Pierre in Dunedin: 1 hr - $120 / 2 hrs - $180

Absolutely blown away... Daily asthma attacks...gone...
Auto immune disease endometriosis has terrorised me for the 20 years since I started menses.... pain is completely gone...all the times I would have been in foetal position riding it out or in a&e have instead been painfree! Wow!
— Indi I (excerpt - full testimonial available on facebook)

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Mirimiri is a traditional Māori form of bodywork, relaxing yet effective treatment for removing stress and tension throughout the body and mind. Like the Honohono element, it can be used to balance the energy field along with hands on bodywork to relax the muscles and tissue. Just giving yourself 1 hour away from your busy life to let it all go can be just what you need.

  • Available in both Queenstown & Dunedin

  • Dion in Queenstown: 1 hr - $120 / 2 hrs - $220

  • Pierre in Dunedin: 1 hr $80

I like how during the massage he is giving feedback and educating me about what may be the cause of my discomforts within my body... I highly recommend... great work!

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ROMIROMI (deep tissue Bodywork)

Romiromi is a way to remove deep knots and tension from muscles. With a use of stronger pressure than Mirimiri, this technique gets right in there using muscle trigger points, firm pressure and Honohono techniques to release stubborn blockages and relieve aches and pain. Some people prefer deeper work to release knots, others just require harder pressure to relax. If this sounds like you Romiromi is the treatment we recommend.

  • Available in both Queenstown & Dunedin

  • Dion in Queenstown: 1 hr - $120 / 2 hrs - $220

  • Pierre in Dunedin: 1 hr $80

Using a voucher for my birthday, I didn’t realise this would be a massage that had deeper healing within it. Worked out the knots physically and also - surprisingly to me - spiritually too. Blew me away. Thanks so much.
— Paul H

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This process can be hard to get your head around, however the results are amazing. The healer and client tune into each other, via photo, phone or skype. Once the connection has been made, the client lays down in a quiet, peaceful place for the duration of the session. The healer will locate energy blockages in the client and remove these. After this process, contact is then made with the client to explain what was released and how to move forward. A card reading is given at the end of the session to confirm the messages given regarding issues and future direction.

  • Book with Dion or Pierre from New Zealand or overseas

  • With Dion from within Aotearoa: 1 hr - $150 / 2 hrs - $280 NZD.

  • With Dion from anywhere else in the world: 1 hr - $150 USD / 2 hrs - $300 USD

  • With Pierre from within Aotearoa: 1 hr - $120 / 2 hrs $180

  • With Pierre from anywhere else in the world: 1 hr - $120 USD / 2 hrs - 180 USD

I have had a spiritual healing before but never via distance... absolutely blew my mind. If you feel that this is something that you are interested in then please make an appointment... That session has helped me in so many ways and I will be forever thankful.
— Kylee T (Excerpt, full testimonial available on facebook)

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Vibrational healing is a process whereby vibrations are introduced or transferred into a human being’s physical and energetic bodies, so that the vibrations which have become unbalanced in the human physical or energetic body are adjusted. This is based on the idea that illness or dis-ease in the human body is characterized by blockages and imbalances. These blockages and imbalances causes a cell, organ, system, or energetic body to slow its vibration. Slow vibrations result in dis-ease or illness. We can introduce vibrations with Crystals, Flower, Tree and Gem essences and Honohono techniques. Crystals are geometrically perfect. This geometric perfection makes their energy/vibration very stable. So when we work with a crystal, we can rely on its stable vibrational frequency & we will naturally entrain with it. The abilities to heal & vibrate at the correct frequencies are already present within the cells of any living being’s body, just waiting to oscillate with the correct frequencies.

  • Available with Pierre Houwers, Crystal Master in Dunedin

  • 1 hr - $120 / 2 hrs - $180

Dion Freeman animal healing dog Harley.jpg
Duke my dog had always been terrified of the car. He is a very sensitive dog... I had a new baby so really needed Duke to like the car better. Dion came to my house and did a session with Duke. Dion has an easy manner and even though I’d just met him I was comfortable for him to be in my home sitting working with my dog. Duke responded very well, after one treatment Duke is no longer afraid of the car!
— K Mason


Our pets and animal friends are important and need our love and healing. Healings on animals helps them with movement and behavioural issues. You will get an insight into what is going on for your animal and also how you can help them to be more comfortable in their surroundings or with other animals. Dion works with any type of animal from pets to farm or zoo animals

  • 1 hour +

  • Price on enquiry (Dependant on the Animal, their needs & location)

  • Household pets, farm animals, zoo animals

  • Animal healings are offered by Dion

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