Spiritual (& other) Services

Couples energy synching. Also good for business partners, siblings, parents & kids et al.

Couples energy synching. Also good for business partners, siblings, parents & kids et al.

“...There came a time in our relationship where we were faced with dealing with deeper difficulties that a couple goes through... We found it to be effective in finding a common footing to work from. The treatment helped with bridging gaps that were present in our communication and it gave a unified feeling that energetically brought us together to work towards a common goal and process our relationship blockages in a harmonious way. We would highly recommend a Couples Synching from Dion to assist with the issues we can all face in relationships.
— Mark and Alissia McPherson


This process balances the energy centres in both parties, each person is realigned and both energies harmonized to a frequency that is comfortable for both parties. This is great for couples however has also worked very well for business partners, siblings, parent and child, or other family members. Enjoy being able to communicate with your loved one on a more holistic level. A card reading is given at the end of the session to give both parties guidance and direction moving forward.

  • 1 hr & 20 mins - $240 (time varies slightly based on synching requirements!)

  • Offered by Dion in Queenstown

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After our house was burgled my family felt unsettled and sad so I wanted to get our house blessed. The blessing took some time. At all times Dion worked with respect to us and our house. My husband is not spiritual but likes Dion’s manner. Once our house blessing was carried out our house felt so different.
— K Mason


Spiritual tools and prayers are used to bless or clear out energies from land, homes and work spaces. Sometimes people feel their surroundings or dwellings are stagnant, dark, cold, different or even haunted - with good reason too! This work allows those old energies to move on, opening your place up to a fresh new feel and vibrancy as well as setting your mind at ease.

  • 1 hour or more (as you can imagine, the time this takes varies)

  • Price on enquiry (based on your location in Aotearoa, size of the area and what is needed)

  • Available by appointment across NZ

past life regression therapy with healing aotearoa dunedin pierre houwers

Past life regression therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) is a very safe procedure where the person lies comfortably on a massage table with closed eyes and the practitioner/therapist guides the client through a past life. During PLR, you are not being hypnotised in the traditional sense. Instead, you are entering a very relaxed state in which you are still fully aware and in complete control. PLR can only be successful under these conditions. This is not a form of suggestion or mind-control. When it is contacted, the higher self will selectively reveal what is most healing for what you are experiencing in that particular time in your current life. Some people see images of several past lives. Others may spend more time viewing one specific past life in more detail, thoroughly unlocking the lessons that particular incarnation was meant to impart. Some discover suppressed memories from their current lifetime. Physically, everyone reacts to a past life regression session differently. Most come out of it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with a sense of awe.

  • Price : $240 (Takes a minimum of 1 hour & lasts until it’s done or safe to stop - has taken up to 4 hours so ensure you allocate enough time)

  • Available with Pierre at Healing Aotearoa Dunedin

I have had the most amazing experiences when I came for a ... past life regression session... Pierre is very knowledgeable and very humble too... Amazing results

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Our pets and animal friends are important and need our love and healing also, healings on animals helps them with movement and behavioural issues. You will get an insight into what is going on for your animal and also how you can help them to be more comfortable in their surroundings or with other animals. Dion works with any type of animal from pets to farm or zoo animals.

  • 1 hour +

  • Price dependant on the Animal, their needs & location

  • Household pets, farm animals, zoo animals

  • Animal healings are offered by Dion

My daughter had a horse, Jojo... Dion came to the paddock, and bearing in mind Jojo did not like men, he stiffly ambled his way to Dion, and I will never forget seeing Dion and Jojo with heads together like old friends.
Dion worked on Jojo, it was like they had already met. Dion was so gentle with him, and Jojo with Dion. No biting or attempting to kick (Jojo to Dion that is).

The results: Jojo could move like a younger horse, he did not appear to be stiff, he was calmer, his whole demeanor was softer AND he was listening to my daughter again.

I am still not 100% sure exactly what Dion did, but the effects lasted a long time.
Thank you Dion, to this day my daughter still talks about what you did to help Jojo.
— Kaz